Outline of episodes 1-5 of a proposed drama about the life of Shakespeare, La Vita e i tempi di William Shakespeare.

Scope and Content

Includes details of the principal scenes, characters and thematic content of each episode.

The episodes have been given the following titles:

1) "Il figlio della fantasia (1576-1583)", or "Fancy's Child". Relating to Shakespeare's boyhood and youth. (The title-page and page 10 are missing.)

2) "Il corvo arrivista (1587-1592), or "The Upstart Crow". Relating to "Shakespeare's escape from the confines of Stratford and the prison of his stifling marriage."

3) "Incantevole Amico (1592-1594)", or "Fair Friend". Relating to "the start of the second great emotional relationship of Shakespeare's life", that with the Earl of Southampton.

4) "O mia Signora (1594-1596)", or "O, Mistress Mine". Will experiences renewed emotional turmoil due to his burgeoning relationship with the "dark lady" of his sonnets.

5) "Non senza Diritto (1596-1598)", or Not without Right". Following his son, Hamnet's, death, Will is thrown into despair.

The title-pages of episodes 1-5 contain the following additional information: Directed by Peter Wood. Screenplay by Anthony Burgess and Masolino D'Amico. Produced by Vincenzo Labella and Cecil Clarke.

See also AB/ARCH/A/SHA/2.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

The final page of episode 5 is marked on the left-hand side due to the use of metal fasteners.