Untitled critical study of Burgess's novels by an unknown author.

Scope and Content

The intended title of the thesis is not known. The document is divided into five chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction and statement of the problem

Chapter 2: Biography disguised as fiction

Chapter 3: The literary philosophy of Burgess

Chapter 4: Literary applications of Burgess's dualism

Chapter 5: Burgess's semantic games

Chapter 6: Summary and conclusion

Corrections have been made to the text in an unknown hand - possibly the original author's.

The first page of Chapter 1 of the typescript has been numbered "66" in the top right-hand corner. The document appears to have been received by Burgess, or his wife, Liana, during Burgess's lifetime. The author's name - along with any other contextual information - has, however, not been recorded.


In Chapter 5 of the text, the unknown author refers to MF as Burgess's most recent publication.