File containing draft lyrics of a song by Burgess, entitled "Jubilee Anthem for Malayan Boys' Voices"

Scope and Content

The lyrics begin "What have we seen in fifty years? / Worlds rise, worlds decay", and Burgess seems to have intended to divide the song into at least three sections, with separate parts for "Young boys" and "Older boys". Some lyrics have been typed, and the remainder have been handwritten by Burgess. Burgess has also included 6 bars of music.

The song is presumed to have been written in 1955 to mark the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the Malay College in Kuala Kangsar at which Burgess was teaching.

The file includes a paragraph of text, which is apparently unrelated to the lyrics of the Jubilee Anthem, and which has possibly been written by a student who is practising their English.

Alternative Form Available

A photocopy of the manuscript has been taken and is filed with the original manuscript.