Incomplete draft script of episodes 3-5 of the english translation of the television miniseries, Moses the Lawgiver

Scope and Content

With handwritten amendments to the text by Burgess and an unknown person. Burgess has written the names of three other screenwriters who worked on the television miniseries on the title page of part 5: Vittorio Bonicelli, Gianfranco de Bosio, and Bernardino Zapponi.

Part 3 contains pages 25-36 only, and part 5 contains pages 1-18 and 26-28 only.

For an earlier version of parts 3-5 of this draft, see AB/ARCH/A/MOS/3.

For further drafts of episodes 2-6, see AB/ARCH/A/MOS/9, AB/ARCH/A/MOS/10, AB/ARCH/A/MOS/11, AB/ARCH/A/MOS/12, AB/ARCH/A/MOS/13.