Two Sonnets (first lines "A dream, yes, but for everyone the same;" and "They lit the sun, and then their day began."

Scope and Content

The sonnets form part of Burgess's prize-winning entry for the 'Banbury Guardian' medal in 1954, awarded for the best piece of work in the literary section of the Banbury Arts and Crafts Festival. The original typescript - of which this is a copy - includes a comment by the competition's adjudicator on the effectiveness of the sonnets. The adjudicator ends by offering "Congratulations on two first-rate poems which easily take the prize".


1) Banbury Guardian, 27 May 1954. 2) Transatlantic Review 21 (Summer 1966), pp. 30-323) Revolutionary Sonnets and other poems by Anthony Burgess. Edited by Kevin Jackson (Carcanet Press Limited, 2002), pp. 3-44) Versions of the same two sonnets appear in Burgess's Enderby novels, i.e. Inside Mr Enderby (Part One, Chapter 3, Section 2) and Enderby Outside (Part One, Chapter Three, Sections 3 and , and Byrne (Part Five).