Enderby's Dark Lady, or No End to Enderby

Scope and Content

The fourth and final comic novel in Burgess's "Enderby series" about the fictional poet Francis Xavier Enderby. The novel was first published in 1984. As part of the story, Burgess incorporates a reworking of his unproduced stage musical of c.1967, titled Will!, or the Bawdy Bard: the character Enderby writes his own Shakespearean stage musical which is substantially the same as Burgess's earlier creation.

The preceding novels in the Enderby series are titled Inside Mr Enderby (1963), Enderby Outside (1968) and The Clockwork Testament, or Enderby's End (1974) respectively. The first two novels in the Enderby series were published in a combined volume, called Enderby: A Novel, in 1968, and were subsequently adapted into a screenplay by Burgess.

This series contains a complete draft of the novel and a fragment of a further draft.