Vocal score of Blooms of Dublin, adapted for its first BBC radio broadcast

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Scope and Content

The original score (of which this is a photocopy) has been handwritten by an unknown person.

Duplicates of pages 68-73 have been inserted to the score and some of the lyrics on these pages have been translated into Italian by Burgess and his wife, Liana. It is presumed that these translations relate to the adaptation of Blooms into Italian, titled Ulissea / Ulyssea.

Songs titled as follows:


Hellenise the Island (Mulligan)

Fergus's Song (Mulligan and Stephen)

Mother (Stephen)

The Ballad of Joking Jesus (Mulligan)

England's in the hands of the Jews... (Mr Deasy and Stephen)

Today, it's the sixteenth of June... (Bloom)

At four o'clock this afternoon he's coming... (Molly and Bloom)

Boylan (Molly and Bloom)

It's your fault, Poldy, if I go to Hell at all.... (Molly)

My Son (Bloom) [Monologue in Glasnevin]

Warm Fullblooded Life (Bloom)

Melonfields (Bloom)

Song of Ireland (Citizen and male chorus)

Love Loves to Love love... (Male chorus)

Song of Ireland - Reprise (Citizen and male chorus)

Pretty Little Seaside Girls (Minstrels)

Hymn to the Virgin (Chorus)

Flower of the Mountain (Bloom)

Goodbye Dear (Bloom)

Mirus Bazaar March (Chorus)


Invocation to Hecate (Chorus)

Copulation Without Population (2 minstrels and male chorus)

Music for Nightown

Gibraltar (Molly and Boylan)

Bloom for Mayor (Bloom and chorus)

Carnival Waltz

Coronation Fanfare

God Save King Leo (Chorus)

Let the Trumpets (Chorus)

Lynch Him (Citizen and Chorus)

The Burning of Bloom

Paris is a Lamp (Stephen)

Bella Bellicose (Bella)

Mother - Reprise

The Apparition of Stephen's Mother (Chorus)

Choral Comments (Citizen and Chorus)

Today - Reprise (Bloom and Murphy)

The Heaventree of Stars (Stephen and Bloom)

Scena (Molly)

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Slight damage due to the use of metal fasteners in the past.