Photograph and slide collection

Scope and Content

Largely unlisted, this collection includes a rich variety of photographs and images, most of which date from the 1970s to the 1990s, and are presumed to have been taken by Burgess's second-wife Liana. The images record Burgess's personal and professional life in the UK and beyond, and include informal gatherings of friends and family, family holidays and celebrations, such as Burgess and Liana's wedding-day, along with Burgess's professional appearances at, for example, book signings, lectures, premieres, and various television interviews. Alongside Liana's informal photographs of such events are images taken by professional photographers, such as Mark Gerson, Marvin Lichtner (for Time Magazine), Sophie Bassouls, Helmut Newton, Ulf Anderson, and Martine Franck.

Among the locations photographed are:

1) Gibraltar between 1943 and 1946

2) Oxfordshire and East Sussex during the 1950s and 1960s

3) Malaya (now Malaysia) and Brunei, 1954-1959

4) America, Monaco, Italy, Malta, UK, Switzerland and Germany, 1970s-1990s

There are also a very small number of photographs dating from Burgess's childhood, and of Liana Burgess and her sister and other family members, c.1940-c.1966.

Liana was interested in the art of photography itself and she has compiled 18 photograph albums which contain not only

family photographs, but also collages of street-scenes, objects, and scenery.

Conditions Governing Access

Since these papers are largely unlisted, access is via application to the Archivist.