Folder '1951 Festival of Britain (Land Traveller)'

Scope and Content

'Sevenpart' folder, titled in HAR's hand.

The file cover is also annotated with various section headings, though these do not necessarily match the contents.

1) 27 photographs of the 'People at Work' section designed by HAR, and 1 exterior shot of a cafe 'Festival Fare' (it is not clear at which Festival site this is located). Printed promotional card for the Manchester leg of the exhibition

2) 'Design' magazine, 7 July 1949, its cover featuring Abram Games's Festival of Britain logo. Inscribed by Games ' for Arnold - Abram 1981'.

3 mounted b/w prints from the National Gas Turbine Establishment, issued in 1950, featuring 2 aircraft and 1 engine.

3) 'AEI [Associated Electrical Industries Ltd] News', Vol 18, No 7, July 1948, featuring an article about and interview with Sir Frank Whittle.

With 2 presscuttings about Whittle: 14 May 1949 (the first Canberra bomber's first flight on 13 May 1949) and 11 May 1986 regarding Whittle's award of the OM.

2 b/w photographs of Whittle. a letter from HAR to Whittle, 11 Mar 1986, congratulating him on the OM and thanking him for his help with the exhibition in 1951.

4) Copies and printed originals of various patent specifications about engines and motors

5) Various pieces of correspondence and circulars, mostly involving the Council of Industrial Design (CoID) and the National Gas Turbine Establishment relating to the planning of the exhibition and additional information about its contents.

6) CoID press release about the Land Travelling Exhibition; technical drawings (by Rothholz and by Richard Levin), notes and colour guide for HAR's section of the display; lecture on 'Jet Propulsion' by H Pearson, Rolls Royce Ltd, containing, loose, various other research papers about the Gloster air craft and a poster list of credits for the Land Travelling Exhibition.

7) 'Gas Turbines for Road Transport' by R H H Barr (printed booklet); National Gas Turbine Establishment 'Diagram of Whittle Engine', apparently used to develop Rothholz's own diagram; and a b/w print of Rothholz showing the display to dignitaries including the Lord Mayor of Manchester.


Retained in original order within the file. Sections do not necessarily match the annotations on the front of the file.

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Created by Sue Breakell

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