Ms draft of 'Standards of Craftsmanship'

Scope and Content

Ms draft of 'Standards of Craftsmanship', headed 'Lecture One'. Pages numbered: 1(a), 1(b), 2 to 21. Page 2 bears a pasted ms fragment; page 3 bears a pasted printed fragment from John Hayward's introduction to 'The Oxford Book of Nineteenth Century Verse', with ms annotations; page 19 bears a pasted ts copy letter to [?] from [?] dated 7 February 1962, with ms annotations. The edited letter appears in the version of the lecture published in 'Poetic Craft and Principle', wrongly attributed as addressed to Graves. Page 11 uses the verso of page19 of ts draft, with ms annotation, of 'Experiences of Poetry'. Pages 12 and 18 use the versos of pages [1] and 2 of ts draft of the prologue to 'The Wrath of Achilles' [Anger of Achilles]. The versos of pages 13 and 19 bear ms draft text and notes for the lecture.