'Muntu, Mammon, Marxism'

Scope and Content

This file contains ms and ts drafts of Graves's lecture 'Muntu, Mammon, Marxism', the second of his 1965 Oxford addresses, later published in 'Poetic Craft and Principle'. Graves discusses the "mechanarchy" of modern life, poets, mysticism, Marxism and the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko.


The three files of material pertaining to the three 1965 lectures arrived in some disarray; during cataloguing material was sorted so that each file only contained drafts for the lecture in question. Whilst it may have been that Graves at some later date had considered amalgamating the three lectures into one essay, the nature of the disorder did not suggest that any thematic or sequential connection between the 'stray' drafts could be deduced from the order in which they appeared. Material has been arranged into approximate chronological order.


Canelluñ Collection number: CC2450

This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.