Ms draft of 'A Favourite Cat Drowned'

Scope and Content

Ms draft with pages numbered 1 to 7, 7pm [letters scored through], 8 to 9, 12 to 35. Page 7 uses the verso of page 3 of ts draft, with ms annotations, of 'The Anti-Poet'. Page 7pm uses the verso of ms notes for 'A Favourite Cat Drowned'. Pages 8, 17, 18, and 26 to 30 use the versos of pages 14, 12, 11, 25 to 23, 28 and 27 of a ts draft, with occasional ms markings, of 'Experiences of Poetry'. Page 19 uses the verso of page 1 of a ts draft 'The Virgil Cult' ['The Anti-Poet'], marked "Serial" in ms.

Related Material

Reference: RG/H/O/35; Association: see also;