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Papers relating to the Africa Bureau. SAMP no.7

'Statement and plea to Parliament by Rev. Michael Scott re missile bases in UK', 7 Jan 1959, 3pp

Background Paper: The Futurein Central Africa, Africa Bureau, Aug 1962, 4pp

'On Trial for their lives: the accused at Rivonia' by Mary Benson, 11 Mar 1964, 8pp

'Rhodesia: A Statement' signed by academics at the University of Sussex, 23 Nov 1965, 1p

Africa Bureau Broadsheet, No. 2, Oct 1965, 3pp

Africa Bureau Rhodesia sub-committee minutes, 13 dec 1965, 1p

Statment by the executive of the Africa Bureau re Rhodesia, 2 Oct 1965, 3pp

'South Africa: memorandum to the Commomwealth Prime Ministers', 10pp

Statment by Roland Oliver, 5 Dec 1965

Southern Rhodesia Circle Minutes of First Meeting, 25 Feb 1965, 2pp

'Southern Rhodesia', Feb 1965,2pp

Copy letter P.M. Harold Wilson, 14 Dec 1965, 1p

'Rhodesia: the anatomy of sanctions', 16 Dec 1965, 4pp [x2]

Confidential memoranda on Rhodesia, 30 Jul 1965, 4pp

Africa Bureau broadsheet no. 3, Mar 1966, 5pp

Draft statement on Rhodesia, 21 Jul 1966, 3pp

Conference notes by R.B. Sutcliffe for consideration of Africa Bureau executive, 3 May 1966, 2pp

'Sanctions against Rhodesia: the economic background' by Robert B. Sutcliffe, Africa Bureau, 21 jan 1966

Copies of letters from Chief Hosea Kutako to Secretary-General of United Nations, 8 May 1967, 3pp

Memorandum to the United Nations Special Committee on the Policies of Apartheid of the government of the Republic of South Africa, Jul 1967 [x2 copies]

untitled statement, Apr 1967

Paper submitted by James Lemkin for consideration by sub-committee, 31 Jan 1967, 2pp

'For Rhodesia sub-committee- Jul 4 1967' by R.B. Sutcliffe, 10pp

'Free Africa, Apartheid, and the Politics of Public Relations', 9pp [1968]

Statment by the Africa Bureau on Rhodesia , 27 Apr 1968, [x2 copies]

'Britain's stake in Africa', 13 Nov 1968, 3pp

'Memo on Rhodesia', 2 Apr 1968, 3pp

Draft statement by the Africa Bureau on Rhodesia and related issues, 9 Apr 1968, 1p

Statement by Africa Bureau on Rhodesia, 23 Apr 1968, 1p

'The Character and Legislation of the Rhodesian Front since UDI', Mar 1968, 7pp

Annal report 1968-69

Copy of letter to Times re South West Africa enclosing 'Soundings for South African Freedom', Jun 1970, 30 Jun 1970, 11p

Africa Bureau Statement on Lesotho, 24 Jun 1970, 2pp

Africa Bureau Statement on Proposals for a Rhodesia settlement, 29 Nov 1971, 2pp [x2 copies]

Africa Bureau broadsheet, Jul 1971

'Rhodesia: Economic Sanctions', 6 Nov 1970

'The Proposals for a Rhodesian settlement', 30 Nov 1971, 5pp

'Campaign for Justice in Rhodesia', 1971, 1p

Notes of meeting of Justice in Rhodesia campaign, John Harris

'A proposal for liaisons with like-minded bodies', by Michael Scott, 2pp' Britain's Ward in Southern Africa', 1p

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Part of the Southern African Materials Project 1973-76 organised by the Centre for International and Area Studies (see comp. Brian Willan, ed. Patricia M. Larby The Southern African Materials Project (1980) [Ref WHO16 437019]