Handwritten Copies of Letters

Scope and Content

[Copies of] letters, “no.22”, from Mrs. T.H. Wilson:

  • 1. Dated 5 Apr,. 1923, to Mrs.Isaac assuring her of Dorothy's improving health; frustration felt by Dorothy and Miss [E.] Dunn when teaching the women’s class.
  • 2. Dated 27 Apr. 1923, of Dorothy Isaac to her mother referring to conference of teachers and wives; move of Bessie [Dunn] and [W.] Amies to Bak[w]a Mbuli [Mbule]; expected arrival of U. Westcott and three new workers; reference to Miss [M.l McCandless; visits to other districts by [A.] McTavish, [T.] Nixon and [W.] Amies; visit by American missionaries; more interest among the people; illness of Kamanda; reference to new workers, Miss [G.] Desborough, Miss [M.] Chalmers and [H.] Moyes; approach of the dry season; references to Mr. and Mrs. [C.] Althorp and Mrs [T.H.] Wilson.

Dated at Inkongo.