Handwritten Copies of Letters

Scope and Content

[Copies of] letters, "no .20”, from Dorothy Isaac:

  • 1. Dated 4 Feb. 1923,to Mr.Cheney regarding need for missionaries among the Basonge; way a neighbouring chief is received in Matendi; smallpox vaccinations; receipt of children's newspapers.
  • 2. Dated 20 Jan. 1923, to her mother regarding return of Mercy [McCandless] to Bak[w]a Mbule; visit from the Clevelands of Lusambo; marriage of Louise [Gentil] and return of Louis [Gentil to to his parents]; journeys and planned visits by [A] McTavish [T.H.] Wilson, [C.] Althorp,[T.] Nixon, [W.]Amies; news of a Miss [G] Desborough and [T.]Nixon's nephew coming from England.
  • 3. Dated 20 Jan. 1923, to her aunt thanking her for present and book; sick people staying with them; [A.] McTavish's journey to Batetela villages
  • 4. Dated 8 Jan. 1923, of [T] Wilson to a "brother" regarding return of [W.]Amies and [A.] McTavish from the Basonge country and relating their journey; describing conference meetings and dissatisfaction among some brethren over lack of support and problem of native mourning customs. Attached: sketch map of route taken [by Amies and McTavish].

Dated at Inkongo.