Handwritten Copies of Letters

Scope and Content

[Copies of] letters, "no.28", from Dorothy Isaac:

  • 1. Dated 29 Sep. 1923, to her mother referring to Miss Jacobs; departure of U. Westcott and [W.] Amies for Bak[w]a Mbule; reference to Mrs [T.H.] Wilson’s son; visit by herself and Miss M. Chalmers to women's meeting at Matendi: baptismal service; ill-health of Miss G. Desborough; [T.H.] Wilson’s visit to Basonge country; [T.] Nixon's visit to Cimbangu.
  • 2. Dated 1 Oct. 1923, to Mr.Cheney regarding stormy weather.
  • 3. Dated 28 Oct 1923, to her mother referring to visit by [T.H.] Wilson; epidemic and illness of Dorothy Isaac; attack by leopard on chickens; return of [T.] Nixon from Cimbangu; visit to Bena Inkongo; news of Miss Jacob in Switzerland.

Dated at Inkongo.