Handwritten Copy of Letter

Scope and Content

[Copies of] letters, "16B", from Dorothy Isaac:

  • 1. Dated 28 Jun. 1922, to Mr.Cheney describing an insect; teaching young men to go out as teachers; journey of [T.H.]Wilson.
  • 2. Dated 24 Jun. 1922, to her sister describing pot-making; Bible reading.
  • 3. Dated 27 Jun. 1922, to her mother regarding the [dead] chief’s wives; references to Mr. and Mrs.[T'.H.]Wilson, the Gentils, Bessie [Dunn] and [A .] McTavish; visit by American missionaries; native customs.
  • 4. Dated 2 Aug. 1922, to her mother regarding arrival at Inkongo of Mr. and Mrs.[T.H.] Wilson, Louis [Gentil] and Miss M. [McCandless]; new cook-house for native Christian woman; visit to dentist at Lusambo; journey to Bak[w]a Mbuli [Mbulel] by herself, Bessie [Dunn] and Mercy McCandless; illness of [C.] Althorp; [Althorp] baby; P.s.: reference to illness of Dorothy Isaac.
  • 5. Dated 8 Aug. 1922, to Mr.Cheney regarding sending of films; describing native way of setting broken bone; work at Bakwa Mbuli [Mbule] state-ordered cotton market in the area; chiefs arriving at [C.] Althorp's house to see the white baby; Bible reading. Appended: note of [Mrs.Isaac] that Jun and Aug letters arrived together.

Dated at Inkongo and Bakwa Mbuli [Mbule]