Handwritten Copies of Letters

Scope and Content

Copies of letters, "no.13", from Dorothy Isaac:

  • 1. Dated 25 Feb. 1922, to Mr. Cheney reporting death of the chief of Munungu and tribal burial customs.
  • 2. Dated 18 Feb. 1922, to her aunt describing local fruits; visit to other missionaries; reference to Dr.Smith, Secretary of the American Mission.
  • 3. Dated 25 Jan. 1922, to her sister referrin to departure for England of Mr. and Mrs.[U.]Westcott; visit by herself and Bessie [Dunn] to a village; visit by [A.] McTavish to surrounding district; visit by Dr.Smith.
  • 4. Dated 25 Feb. 1922, to her mother referring to [T.] Nixon at Carlisle; binding of picture-books from Stackpool Road [Assembly] request for photograph films and printing materials; reference to Louis [Gentil]; visit by [A.] McTavish to Cimbangu; teaching the Bateteli [Batetela]; illness of Mrs.[T.H.] Wilson; visits by traders; care of the old people by native Christians; visit by Mr. and Mrs.[U.]Westcott.

Dated at Inkongo