Handwritten Copy of Letter

Scope and Content

[Copies of] letters, "no.17a", from Dorothy Isaac:

  • 1. Dated 23 Sep. 1922, to her mother regarding Dorothy Isaac's health; attacks by "driver ants"; visit by young Englishman; [T.] Nixon's carpentry; gardens of the natives; school vacation due to extra work imposed by "state man". P.s.: Bessie [Dunn]'s school at Matendi.
  • 2. Dated 21 Sep. 1922, to Mr.Cheney referring to [T.H.] Wilson killing a leopard; accident during building work; new chief and his wives.
  • 3. Dated 2 Aug. 1922, to Muriel regarding Dorothy Isaac's illness; describing return to Inkongo; visit, by missionaries from Lusambo; Gospel services and Bible reading.

Dated at Inkongo