Armitage, Jackson-Harmsworth Arctic Expedition

Scope and Content

68 leaves, 2 volumes, 1894-1897, notes:

  • MS 287/17/1-6;D Weather observations, 1894-1897 [Sledge journeys] 43 leaves, holograph
  • MS 287/3;BJ Records of magnetic dip, 4 January 1895 to 19 December 1896 [Kept at Elmwood, Mys Flora, Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 287/33;D Observations, July to August 1895 [Weather readings of meteorological instruments on the boat journey] 5 leaves, holograph
  • MS 287/18;D Notes, 16 April to 13 May 1895 [Position of camps on sledge journey] 1 leaf, holograph
  • MS 287/19;D Notes, 11 July to 12 August 1895 [Positions obtained by observations of the dun on boat journey] 1 leaf, holograph
  • MS 287/20/1-5;D Magnetic bearings, 1895 [Sledge journeys] 5 leaves, holograph
  • MS 287/4;BJ Astronomical positions obtained by Armitage as nautical astronomer at Elmwood, Cape Flora, Northbrook Island, Franz Josef Land, and on sledging and boating journeys, 1895-1896 [Including exact position of hut on Cape Flora in F G Jackson's hand at the end, two letters from Armitage to Jackson were pinned to this document but have been filled separately MS 287/6/1-2;D] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 287/21;D Notes, March to April 1896 [Sledge journey] 3 leaves
  • MS 287/22/1-12;D Notes, undated [Meteorological observations in Franz Josef Land] 12 leaves, holograph
  • MS 1359;D Fragment of a message deposited at Cape Nimrod during the expedition to Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa, 10 April 1897 [Message subsequently recovered by Soviet explorers and now preserved in the Soviet Union. Text of the message is published in Jackson's A Thousand days in the Arctic, (London, 1899) Volume 2 p228] 1 leaf, holograph [2 photocopies 1 black/white 1 colour]

Administrative / Biographical History

The Jackson-Harmsworth Arctic Expedition, 1894-1897 (leader Frederick George Jackson) spent three years in Franz Joseph Land. Sledging expeditions were undertaken and the expedition met the Norwegian North Polar Expedition, 1893-1896 (leader Fridtjof Nansen) on 17 June 1896. The collection relates to Armitage's work during the expedition.



Related Material

See SPRI collections GB 015 Reginald Koettlitz and GB 015 William Speirs Bruce for additional archival material held by the Institute relating to this expedition. There are several archival collections held by the Institute regarding this expedition which it is hoped will be made available on the HUB in due course.