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(i) David ap Ieuan ap Llella ap Tudor, freeholder in Talloyn (Tallwyn) township, comote of Ughdulas [Uwchdulas], within liberty of Dynbiegh [Denbigh].

(ii) John ap David Gethyn, clerk.

Tenement called y Tythyn yn Bryn Rys and land (bounds given, which mention adjacent lands of William ap David ap Tudor, Llewleyn ap Ieuan ap Con', and Ieuan ap John ap Robyn) in Tallwyn.

Witnesses: Richard ap Ieuan ap Con', David ap Ieuan ap Ll ap Ieuan Lloit, David ap Ll ap Ieuan ap Tudor, Howell ap Ll ap Ieuan ap Tudor, and Rys ap David ap Ieuan.

Dated at Tallwyn.


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