Scope and Content

(i) Morgan Edmunds, freeholder of the lord bishop of Bangor in township of Llannothan, commote of Cruthyn, Caernarfonshire.

(ii) Richard ap Rees ap David gethyn.

Full share [of property] which includes tenement called Tuthyn Hoell ap Eign' ap Llella cae in township of Llannothan, Creuddyn, Caernarfonshire, inherited by (i) after death of his father Edmund ap Eden'.

Rent: 3s.4d. yearly to (i) and 1d. to the Bishop of Bangor.

Witnesses: John ap ? ap ?Griffydd, Richard ap John ap Hoell ap David, and Gruffydd ap John ap Ieuan ap Meredydd.

Dated at Llannothin.


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