Russian Civil War Victims

Scope and Content

Court witness statements by victims of Bolshevik CheKa (Chrezvychainaia Komissiia) atrocities in Kiev and neighbourhood, 1918-1919 (Russian originals, draft English translations and transcripts): A A Druzhina 1-2; A M Grishkevich-Trofimovskii[?], N V Ignat'ev 3; O G Ispaniuk4-5; N I Kisterskii 6; N D Konstantinova 7-8; K I Kryzhanovskaia 9-10; A A Liakhov 11; E B Lipetskii 12-13; A D Lysenko 14; N P Maslei 15; M N Plakhova 16-17; I S Romanova, E K Kholenko, O A Gorbachenko, E M Vechera 18-19; I K Selivanov-Starikov, I A Rudenko, V D Kanatov, V K Kiriugin 20-21; L V Solov'ev 22-23; V N Umanskii, Trezubov family 24. Computer disk of transcripts 25. Registered envelope sent from Dungarvan to May Healy (c/o Mrs Fare-Foss), London, 1920 (possibly contained some of 1-24) 26.

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