Articles relating to the ordination of women in the Episcopal Church, United States of America

Scope and Content

Consists of:

* photocopy 'Women in General Convention. A brief history of the debate on the status of women in the House of Deputies of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America' by Emil Oberholzer, 1956

* Appendix 35 'Report of the Joint Commission on Women Church Workers', 1966

* 'Christianity and Crisis' vol 30, no 16, 1970

* 'On the matter of ordination' from 'The Christian Challenge', Jun 1974

* 'Schism created by attempted ordination' by Rev John Ahern Schultz', from The Christian Challenge, Sep 1974

* 'Ruach. The newsletter of the Episcopal Women's Caucus for Jeannette a litany of celebration in honor of her 80th birthday', Dec 1974

* article 'Women's ministry in the church' by Militza Zernov 'The Christian Challenge', Jun 1977

* 'Justice or error?' by Dorothy A Faber from The Christian Challenge, Mar 1977

* 'The Bishops and the bootleg ordination. A report and commentary by Dorothy A Faber', from 'The Christian Challenge', Oct 1974

* typescript 'The history of women in America'

* article 'Can a woman be a priest?' by Rev John R Chisholm from 'The Christian Challenge', Jan 1975

* 'The defiant women - doing their own 'thing" by Dorothy A Faber from 'The Christian Challenge', Jan 1975

* 'The 'priestess' campaign' by Dorothy Faber from 'The Christian Challenge, Mar 1975

* 'Women as priests' by Betty Gosnell Monticello from 'The Christian Challenge', May 1975

* 'The priestess' campaign (continued)' by editor from 'The Christian Challenge', Apr 1975

* 'Lest we forget' by Rev Jerome F Politzer from 'The Christian Challenge', Feb 1975

* 'Dramatic interlude at '815" by Rev DR Smallcraft Warning from 'The Christian Challenge', Dec 1974

* newsletter 'The Cathedral Chimes' vol 39, no 2 11 Sep 1975

* 'De-liberation', vol 1 no 3, Summer 1975 and Fall 1975

* pages from 'Washington Diocese', Jun 1975

* 'The Clergy's Revolution in Sexual Mores', dated 6 Feb 1977

* typescript 'Women in the priesthood - a ten-foot stride' by Rev Geroge W Wickersham, Mar 1978