Arranged Loose Design Photographs

Scope and Content

Manilla envelopes with titles handwritten on the front: 'Lithographs [sic]: Mixed Floral Type'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Adams & Classical Type'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Indian & Other Ethnic Types'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Trellis'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Scroll'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Chinese Type'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Mixed Contemporary Style'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Art DecoType'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Pine Cone'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Trellis Type with Flowers'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Jacobean / Old English Type'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Art Nouveau Type'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Mixed Persian Type'; 'Lithographs [sic]: Flowing and Geometric Tonal'. Inside each envelope there is a selection of B&W photographs presumably previously removed from volumes. The vast majority of the photographs are quite fragile and have a tendancy to curl.