Individual staff portraits

Scope and Content

101 photographs of individual staff members. Many of the photographs are labelled with the name of the staff member. Photographs are black and white unless otherwise described. A number of the photographs appear to have been collected for use in company publications. Includes:

  • Mount showing two photographs of man in 1854 and 1916 to mark 57 years in the Design Department of Templeton & Co, Greenhead. Marked "With the Compliments of James Jack", previous reference number UGD265/1/16/3, 1916;
  • Mr David McPhail, Factory Medical Officer, 1948;
  • Miss O'Neill, Weaver, 1950s-1960s;
  • Mr T B Stevenson, Yarn Buyer, Templeton St, c1950s-1960s;
  • Miss Mary Scott, Spooling Department, 1960s;
  • Miss Diane Duff, Spool Training, 1960s;
  • Stanley Whiteford, c1960s;
  • Mr Jack Moir, Wages Official, c1960s;
  • Mr H Blunt, Chenille Manager, c1960s;
  • Miss Sally Barnes, c1960s;
  • Mr McIntosh, 'giving his speech at his farewell party', c1960s;
  • John Eadie, c1960s;
  • Mr Alex Michel, Engineering Department, c1960s;
  • Hugh McKenna, Head Designer, c1960s;
  • Joe Dickson, c1960s;
  • John Anderson, Managing Director, 1960s;
  • Fred Perkin, London and Sales, 1960s;
  • James M Murphy, 1960s;
  • Mr Robert Rassell, 1962;
  • Templeton disaster survivor: 2 photographs of Miss Martha McIver, who survived the Templeton Disaster of 1889, 1962;
  • A S L Young: 1 photograph and 1 mounted image of a painted portrait, c1960s-1980s;
  • 'R L and William T Wilcox' at Duck Bay: 2 colour photographs, 20 May 1974;
  • Mr C K McLintock, c1970s;
  • W T P Barnstaple, 1970s;
  • Mr Alex S Maxwell, c1970s;
  • Mr T M Stevenson, 'Prominent Templetonian', c1970s-1980s;
  • Miss Margaret Murdoch, 'Prominent Templetonian', c1970s-1980s;
  • Mr W R Watson, 'Prominent Templetonian', c1970s-1980s;
  • W. John Glen, Weaving Foreman, 'Prominent Templetonian', c1970s-1980s;
  • Miss Jenkins, 'Prominent Templetonian', c1970s-1980s;
  • Miss Margaret Wilson, 'Prominent Templetonian': mounted photograph, c1970s-1980s;
  • Mr T J Horns, 'Prominent Templetonian', c1970s-1980s;
  • Mr Peter Devil, Stirling, 'Prominent Templetonian', c1970s-1980s;
  • Mr James Brown, c1970s-1980s;
  • Jimmie Winton Tenter, c1970s-1980s;
  • Mr Gordon C Hallewell, Chairman, c1970s-1980s;
  • Mr D Lewis, Sales: mounted photograph, c1970s-1980s;
  • Robert Anderson, Design: mounted photograph, c1970s-1980s;
  • Sir William Gorell Barnes, Chairman, c1970s-1980s.


Roughly chronological.