Weideman sketch books

Scope and Content

Four small handmade volumes with between 6 and 11 pages of coloured cartridge paper, each containing well preserved coloured pencil drawings based around each book's theme. The books are titled: 'The Garlanded Lily'; 'The Self-decorated Chrysanthemum'; 'The Plant Form'; and 'The Interchange', and are numbered in red ink 33 to 36 respectively. The Register of Designs (STOD/201/1/8/1) notes that they were all purchased by Templeton on August 28 1896 from the designer F J Weideman. Templeton purchased a number of designs from Weideman between 1880 and 1900, however, beyond this very little is known about the designer.

Related Material

STOD/DES/119/4/8, STOD/DES/119/4/29, STOD/DES/121/3/13, STOD/DES/121/3/25, STOD/DES/129/2/1 - all sketches by F J Weideman