Gerald Walker to William Mackinnon. a covering letter for Gordon quotations about elephant usage; arrangements regarding meeting of his brother Horace Walker & William Mackinnon ; cuttings appended from Telegraph of 15 July regarding London visit of Sultan Barghash & a French proposal for a trans-Saharan railway; enclosed, the Gordon extracts - stopped elephant export, crushed slave trade, long training required; Indian elephants tractable, wild African formidable; mahouts untrustworthy & dishonest, Sudanese askaris better handlers; marched from Cairo to Lake Albert; very useful in road-making. Also enclosed G.W.'s letter of May 27, 1879, regarding Beardall's road report (missing). Zanzibar instructions, Sultan's dealings with Mr. Bradshaw & his land concession; post-script refers to Beardall's plan of elephant-catching, & Gordon's resignation in the Sudan. See miscellaneous files (1-4) on Zanzibar matters.

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