Edwyn S. Dawes to William Mackinnon. seen Wylie at F.O.; interviewed Badger, asked word for word translation of the Arabic, discussed William Mackinnon 's three concerns; liability; peace, war, & security generally; banking phraseology. First blurred over as "words of the Sultan"; second Badger would recommend eliminated as infringement of sovereignty; third, phrases expunged. Article regarding defence of Sultan's person & position - suggested by Dawes himself, now demanded by Sultan. (Wylie - F.O. no objection, but best in separate treaty.) Amended text awaits William Mackinnon 's telegraphed assent before transmission to Zanzibar for Sultan's views. Finalized text to be discussed in detail with F.O. Letter of instruction for Mayes enclosed. Details route out, visit to Kirk, road to run to N. end of Lake Nyassa, problem of work during rainy months, contact Livingstone mission at far end of survey, develop road both ends, friendly relations with Moirs enjoined, but native supervisors to be hired if leave, avoid conflict with natives, persuasion, presents, offers to hire tribesmen, to be employed with hostile chiefs. William Mackinnon & Buxton emphasize guns only a last-resort self defence.

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