Civil register of admissions (male and female private patients)

Scope and Content

Arranged chronologically by date of admissions. Includes details of date of first admission (if any); number in order of admissions; date of admissions; dates of reception order, and of urgency order; date of last continuation of reception order; whether a direct admission or a transfer or readmission; name; age; previous place of abode; sex; civil state whether single, married, widowed or unknown; religion; Union, County or Borough to which chargeable; by whose authority sent, and the name and address of the petitioner (if any); dates of medical certificates and by whom signed; date of discharge, transfer, or death; if discharged whether recovered, relieved or not improved, if transferred whether relieved, or not improved; and any observations which includes notes such as 'out on trial' or 'criminal lunatic'.

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100 year closure period