Memoranda produced by Dr J.H.O. Roberts

Scope and Content

Bundle of memoranda mostly produced by J.H.O. Roberts, Medical Superintendent. Includes memoranda on the following:

The scope and training of the psychiatric social worker, dated 18 Aug 1948;

The psychologist, dated 14 Sep 1948;

Medical staff requirements at Denbigh, dated 19 Oct 1948;

Child Guidance Clinics, Dec 1948; Medical staff needs 17 Dec 1948;

Inspection of training school for nurses, dated Dec 1948;

Tuberculosis death rate, dated 1948;

Staff housing requirements, dated 17 Feb 1949;

Admissions, discharges, and hospital population during 1948, dated Feb 1949;

Pocket money and extra comforts for patients, dated 15 Mar 1949;

Nursing establishment, dated 11 May 1949;

Minor building schemes at Denbigh, dated 14 Jul 1949;

Social work in relation to mental defectives, dated 13 Sep 1949;

Nursing assistants and ward orderlies rate of pay, dated 19 Oct 1949;

Free monies, dated 14 Dec 1949;

Admission of the elderly, dated 14 Mar 1950;

Training of nurses and pre-nursing courses, dated 7 Sep 1950;

Duties of the fire chief, dated 12 Dec 1950;

N.J.C. staff responsibility for patients, dated 9 Jan 1951;

Analysis of work done by the social worker department, dated Sep 1951;

Supplement to the analysis of work done by the social worker department, dated 22 Oct 1951;

Nursing establishment, dated 12 Dec 1951;

Overcrowding, dated 24 Apr 1952;

Group fire officer, dated 13 May 1952;

Adult social worker department allocation of visits, dated 14 Jul 1952;

Delivery of food, stores, laundry and dispensary items, dated 29 Aug 1952;

Group fire officer (number two), dated 21 Oct 1952;

Pool Park nursing officer establishment, dated 9 Dec 1952;

Consultants established written by T. Gwynne Williams, dated 15 Apr 1953;

Report on a meeting of officers to consider the future planning of kitchen and catering accommodation, dated 19 Jun 1953;

Upgrading of certain members of male nursing staff, dated 14 Sep 1953;

Applications from male nurses for secondment for general training, dared 14 Sep 1953;

Establishment of assistant matrons, dated 11 Nov 1953;

Applications for the post of deputy charge nurse, dated 15 Feb 1954;

Fire precaution personnel, dated 9 Feb 1954;

Employment of patients in the hospital, dated 20 May 1954;

Patients work on the farm, dated 14 Jun 1954;

Minimum age of entry for nurse training, dated 14 Jun 1954;

Use of watches by nurses, dated 13 Dec 1954;

Comments on a memoranda on the training and recruitment of mental nurses by the Association of Hospital Management Committees, dated 15 Dec 1954;

Capital schemes and schedule of work of a maintenance nature required, dated 28 Dec 1954;

Nurses home, dated 12 Jan 1955;

Catering department staffing, dated 16 Feb 1955;

Patient labour in the kitchen, dated 16 Feb 1955;

Occupational therapy department establishment, dated 12 Apr 1955;

Patients outings, dated 4 May 1955;

Male and female nurses home cleaning of bedrooms and duties of existing staff, dated 8 Jun 1955;

Accommodation of male nurses in the nurses home, dated 1 Jul 1955;

Nursing staff shortage, dated Sep 1955;

Psychiatric social workers establishment, dated 7 Sep 1955;

Night nursing staff meals, dated 15 Nov 1955;

Nurses home person in charge during wardens off duty periods, dated 11 Nov 1955;

Proposed splitting of F.8 Ward, dated 8 Feb. 1956;

Additional junior hospital medical officer, dated 12 Jun 1956;

Suggested duties of fire chief, dated Jan 1957;

Chief pharmacists report additional staff requirements, dated 12 Feb 1957;

Charge nurse for assistant nurses course, dated 15 Apr 1957;

Records office additional clerk, dared 15 Apr 1957;

Nurses prizes suggested scheme, dated 17 Jun 1957;

Confederation of health service employees overtime ban, ancillary staff, royal college of nurses, and chief male nurses office, dated 16 Sep 1957;

Telephones, dated 20 Jan 1958;

Nurses annual prize giving, dated 19 May 1958;

Staff catering complaints, and additional senior assistant chief male nurse, dated 16 Jun 1958;

Patients coach outing and holidays, dated 21 Jul 1958;

Employment of patients on factory type work, dated 15 Sep 1958;

Nursing staff hours, dated 27 Oct 1958;

Nurses home warden or home sister, dated 15 Jun 1959;

Nurses school, exchange of patients, and rehabilitation unit, dated 21 Sep 1959;

Drug expenditure, date 16 Nov 1959;

Nursing establishment, dated 21 Dec 1959;

Mental Health Act and the training of local authority staffs, dated 18 Jan 1960;

Patients monies, dated 26 Feb 1960;

Inter-hospital exchange of patients at De La Pole Hospital, dated 31 Mar 1960;

Employment of patients on commercial projects, dated 18 May 1960;

Notification to local authority on discharge of patients, dated 20 May 1960;

Pharmaceutical report, dated 18 Jul 1960;

Admission of the senile sick, dared 18 Jul 1960;

Nurse Education Committee, dated 17 Jul 1961;

Psychiatric social work department, dated 16 Jan 1961;

Duties of the principal medical secretary and records officer, dated 15 Jan 1961;

Notes on the Rushcliffe Report, dated 30 Aug 1944;

Notes to quarterly committee meetings on nursing and medical staff, dated 1946 to 1948;

Superintendents comments on commissioners report, dated 25 Jun 1948;

Fire precautions, undated;

Hospital death rate, dated c. 1943;

Neurosis unit, undated.