Charts showing patients treated by various methods

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Includes list of patients who received treatment by leucotomy, includes details of names, date of admission, sex, age, duration of present attack, diagnosis, mental condition before leucotomy, mental condition three months after leucotomy, result whether in residence, on trial, date of death, cause of death, and remarks dating from Apr 1942 to Dec 1944; list of patients who received treatment for General Paralysis of the Insane by induced malaria, includes details of names, age on admission, date of admission, estimated date of onset of GPI, date of inoculation dating from Mar 1942 to Jul 1944; list of patients suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis including details of date of diagnosis, date of notification to public authority, county residing in at time of admission, name, number, age, date of admission, date of death, and number of wards in which last two years spent dating from Dec 1930 to Feb 1947.

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