Register of admissions (male and female pauper patients)

Scope and Content

Includes details of date of previous admission (if any); number in order of admission; date of admission; date of continuation of reception order; name; sex and class; age; condition as to marriage; condition of life and previous occupation; previous place of abode; County, Union or Parish to which chargeable; by whose authority sent; dates of medical certificates, and by whom signed; bodily condition; name of bodily disorder if any; form of mental disorder; supposed cause of insanity; duration of existing attacks; number of previous attacks; age on first attack; date of discharge or death; whether recovered, relieved, not improved or died; and observations which includes information such as date of transfer to other institutions or transfer from private to pauper class. The front of the volume includes instructions for completing medical certificates, and a letter concerning the date of admission of Elizabeth Griffith, dated 9 Apr 1873.