Scope and Content

This series consists of correspondence with various associates and publishers. It includes:

- Correspondence with publishers and literary agents regarding attempts to publish 'The life and writings of Ada Nield Chew' (originally titled 'A Woman of Parts') and various other writings, including 'The Years Between' and 'Retirement Roundabout'. Responses received included: Virago; Faber and Faber; Jane Cousins; Jeffrey Simmons; Margaret Hanbury.

-Correspondence with Anna Davin, who acted as an intermediary and assisted in the publication of 'The life and writings of Ada Nield Chew'.

-Correspondence with Jill Liddington.

-Correspondence with Granada.

-Correspondence with Professor WH Chaloner at the University of Manchester.

-Correspondence from Anna Davin regarding Doris Nield Chew after her death in 1984.

Please note that the collection of correspondence has been added to by the depositor, and posthumous material and some letters received from publishers are written by and addressed to Anna Davin.