Copy of Court Roll

Scope and Content


1a) Michael Lardiner of Stonesfield,


1b) Anne, wife of 3a.

2) John Hedges of Stonesfield, yeoman

3) George Rives, gent.

4) John Carver

5) Gilbert Trow, gent., Bailiff to the



a) 1 free messuage and 3 parcels of free land called Le Churchfeild, in Stonesfield.

b) 1 messuage with garden and common of pasture in Stonesfield.

c) 1 free messuage with garden in Stonesfield.


1a. surrendered property a. to 2., who was admitted to the same. 3. petitioned to be admitted to property b., and, after recital of a Court case involving 2, 3, 4 and 5, seisin was granted to 3., who surrendered them to the court to the use of 1a. 3. also surrendered property c. to the Court to the use of 1a.

Language: Latin