Bundle of press cuttings of articles by Graves

Scope and Content

This file contains clippings of articles for periodicals by Graves. Items are described thus in William Graves's packing list, the central column giving the relevant reference in Higginson's bibliography:- [From Box 2] 1961.03.19 C675 "An Uneasy compromise" Review of New English Bible -Observer 1956.12.29 C532 "Two Celtic Anthologies" - New Statesman - review of "Early Irish Lyrics" ed Gerard Murphy and "The Burning Tree" ed. Gwyn Williams 1966.01.22 NIH "The Apple Cheeked Little Toffs" - Woman's Mirror 1965.05.21 C767 "Britain's Witches Make a Comeback" - Weekend Telegraph 1970.05.15 C874 "Jesus as a Toadstool" - New Statesman. Review of J.M.Allegro's "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross" 1966.05.00 C788 "Language Levels" - Encounter 1967.12.00 C833 "Reincarnation" - Playboy 1970.00.00 NIH "Fighting Courage" - Abbotempo. About fear 1955.03.21 NIH "Lawrence Vindicated" - New Republic - Review of Lawrence of Arabia: A Biographical Enquiry 1967.01.00 C804 "No, Mac, It Just Wouldn't Work". - Playboy - two copies 1954.01.22 C433 "Royal Victims" - Spectator. Review of The Divine King in England: a Study in Anthropology, by Margaret Alice Mead 1960.10.00 C662 "Party of One - Holiday (Corrected copy - title changed to "Talking of Hexes") 1963.06.15 C728 "T.E.Lawrence and the Riddle of S.A". - Saturday Review 1969.12.00 C860 "Genius - Playboy - Corrected with "article by Robert Graves" scratched and a "2" inserted. Xerox copy included 1958.07.13 C593 "Mostly It's Money That Makes a Writer Go, Go, Go" - NY Times Book Review 1970.02.00 C683 "The Divine Rite of Mushrooms". - Atlantic. Review of Gordon Wasson's Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality. Two copes of the cutting, both corrected by Graves 1970.11.27 C889 "Borges, Banshees & Basilisks" - New Statesman. Review of "The Book of Imaginary Beings" by Jose Luis Borges with Margarita Guerrero. 1942.12.19 C305.1 "Cartoonist's Joke Becomes Film Hero" - Picture Post 1954.09.00 C455 "Majorca, The Fortunate Island" - Harper's Bazaar, New York. Reprinted as "Why I Live in Majorca" 1955.03.00 Reprint "Majorca, The Fortunate Island" - Harper's Bazaar - London. Reprinted as "Why I Live in Majorca" 1957.03.21 C545 "An Even More Cultured Roman" - The last of three Talks by Robert Graves. The Listener 1946.10.00 C330.3 "Report from Mallorca" US magazine. [Missing] *** [From Box 15] [1949] C357.1 'A Motley Hero' [Sewanee Review] 1956.01.19 C505 'English Nursery Rhymes' - 'The Listener' 1967 - "The Many Lives of my Mother" -Family Weekly 1970 C890 Playboy Interview [2 copies] 1970-05-28 C876 "Where the crakeberries grow - Robert Graves gives an account of himself to Leslie Norris" - The Listener 1974 - "My Day" - Vogue 1958 C578 "The Glass Castle and the Grail" by Robert Graves - Review of King Arthur's Avalon by Geoffrey Ashe Time and Tide 1957 C546 "Caesar: When Comes Such Another" New York Times Magazine 1957-10-12 C571 "Evidence of Affluence" The New Yorker 1967-11 C572.1 "Houses in My Life" House and Garden c1968 - "To Pyrrha", Isis c1920s - No Title -article by Robert Graves on WWI, illustrated by Bert Thomas 1934-11-11 C289.1 "Caligula the Good" by Robert Graves Review of "The Emperor Gaius (Caligula)" by J.P.V.D.Balsdon - The Observer 1920s? - "A Male Plea for the Removal of a Last Injustice" 1920s? - "Martyrs and Missionaries" 1940 C300.1 "What I Believe about Ghosts" Picture Post 1964 - "Majorca is Home" Venture [photocopy] c1946 - "Report from Majorca" [photocopy] nd - "Mit Englischen Augen" [extracts from 'Goodbye to All That'] [photocopy] 1929-02 - "Lawrence of Arabia" 1 & 2. T.P's Weekly [photocopy] 1963.12.19 - [Letter to Mary Michaels] 'St John's School Review' *** [From Box 17] 1928-05-22 - 'Anagrammagic' The Star 1928-12-15 C267 'Trench History' - review of 'Ten Years Ago' by R.H. Mottram and 'Undertones of War' by Edmund Blunden. The Nation and Athenaeum 1929.07.24 C272 'I Solve Man's Dress Problem' - Evening News 1929.08.10 C272 'More War Books' [review] - Nation and the Athenaeum 192? - ['Planning a Holiday'] - Morning Post 1928.10.-02 - 'Russian Rembrants' - [?] 1929.01.09 - 'Games Should be Rough' Star 1953.10 C419 'What Happened to Atlantis' - Atlantic [1946] - 'Letter from Spain' - Cherwell [1949] - 'Maurice Newfield: 1893-1949'- Eugenics Review 1953-06.27 C408 'The Marriage of Hercules and Eve' [review] - New Statesman 1955.08.20 C495 'Under the Shadow of Yggdrasil' [review] - New Statesman 1953.08.29 C415 'The Lower Criticism' [review] -New Statesman 1958-04-28 C584 'Two Studies in Scientific Atheism' [review] - New Republic [From Box 19] 1963 C739 'A Poet's Investigation of Science' - Saturday Review [incomplete] [From Box 20] 1958 C588.1 'The Historical Novel: II' - The Author


Stored in chronological order, with outsize items in a separate sequence.


Canelluñ Collection number: CC0029

This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.

Custodial History

Materials came from three main locations, boxes 2, 15 and 17. As yet unsorted, the order reflects the original packing list.