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Items are described thus in William Graves's packing list:- The London Mercury - "A Country Mood" poem by Robert Graves January 1920. p 272 The London Mercury - Modern Portraits: Robert Graves, by Powys Evans November 1922, p 17 The London Mercury - "The Passing of the Farmer" poem by Robert Graves May 1925 - p 8 Poetry Ed. By Harriet Monroe "The Lord-Chamberlain Tells of a Famous Meeting" poem by Robert Graves February 1923. pp 257-261 The Literary Guide - "Paul's Thorn" By Robert Graves January 1954 - pp 3-4. The essay is missing The Rialto - Six Unpublished Letters from Robert and Beryl Graves to Joyce Broom - Introduction by Martin Seymour-Smith. Summer 1985, pp 38-44. A further copy is filed with the Joyce Broom correspondence. Redbook - "A Redbook dialogue ROBERT GRAVES AND GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA" September 1963. p 58-59, 112-117 AUTHORS TAKE SIDES ON VIETNAM - (Entry by Robert Graves) - Ed by Cecil Woolf & John Bagguley Published by Simon and Schuster "Houses in my Life" by Robert Graves in Unidentified Magazine pp 73-75 Weekend Telegraph. ODYSSEUS by Robert Graves 2 April 2965 - p18-20 25th Art News Annual - "The Etruscans" article by Robert Graves 1956 - 'p'100-120, 180,183 Playboy - "My First Amorous Adventure" Short story by Robert Graves Impact of Science on Society - "Flawed Science, Damaged Human Life" - Interview with Robert Graves 1969. pp319-330 Daily Telegraph Magazine - "Poetry & Art Combine" Robert Graves and Pail Hogarth Collaborate Dec 8 1972 pp40-48 Oxford Today - "Poet on Parnassus" by Prof. John Kelly Hillary Term 1995 - pp 12-14 The New Yorker - "Remembering Robert Graves" by Alastair Reid Sept 4 1995 - pp 70-81 Apollo, London - "The textile designs of Nancy Nicholson" by Sophie Bowness and Tim Nicholson October 2001 - pp17-23 The Daily Telegraph Magazine - " A Seat Among the Gods" by Frederic Grunfeld - Photographs by Toby Molenaar. July 18 1969 - pp 18-23 Article of Robert Graves by John St Jorre for The New Yorker (Not used) TMs (65 pp - p1 is missing) Islip, Oxford - Complied by Sarah Hayward and the Islip History Society. "Robert Graves" - page 40 The Oldie - "A portrait of Prospero" - Paul Hogarth remembers Robert Graves Sept 1995 - pp 38-41 SHOW - "Robert Graves - A Great Poet in an Island Paradise" by Kingsley Amis, photographs by Irving Penn. Four poems by Robert Graves December 1962 pp 78-83, 128. (Xerox included) - Possibly "Graves in Deya" with the Kingsley Amis letters. Imperial War Museum Review No 7 - "Friends in Combat - Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon" by Martin Taylor no date - pp 4 - 14 Architectural Digest. "Visit to Robert Graves" by Yorick Blumenfeld, photographs by Toby Molenaar June 1981 - pp 96-101 Verse Chronicle by David Bromwich, in The Hudson Review (includes review of Graves's NEW COLLECTED POEMS) Xerox of Hudson Review 1977, p 279-292 Saturday Review - Review of THE CROWNING PRIVILEGE by Robert Graves by Horace Gregory PNR - Shelf Lives; 13; James Reeves by Peter Scupham September-October 2000 - pp 40-42. Mentions of Graves. PNR - Poems by Paul O'Prey (one for Robert Graves) and "A Centenary Portfolio: 2, Laura (Riding) Jackson, by John Noland and Alan J.Clark January-February 2001. pp 48-51 PNR - "Out of Time - Robert Graves in Perspective" by Paul O'Prey - Review of THE COMPLETE POEMS OF ROBERT GRAVES ed. By Beryl Graves and Dunstan Ward. November-December 2001. pp 42-45 Horizon - "The Multiple Robert Graves" by Peter Quennell January 1962, pp 50-55 + 56[?] with image of sculpture by Joan Junyer. Talk - "The House-Guest from Hell" by Jonathan Mahler September 1999 - 7 pp (Starts on page 203.) Probably review of Griselda Jackson's ONCE: AS IT WAS The New Yorker - Barnes and Noble advertisement - Using THE BIG GREEN BOOK by Robert Graves Vivre en Poesie - "Robert Graves, poems de guerre" by Anne Mounic S'Encruia - "La Carretera de la Cala" by Beryl Graves March 1980 - 3pp The Great Writers - publ. by Marshall Cavendish - ROBERT GRAVES pp913-936 Denham's Auctioneers - THE HEMMINGWAY CENTENNIAL AUCTION 30th September 1998 86pp The Spectator "The Men Who Faked Ava Gardner's Bra" by Felix Pryor 3 October 1998 - pp27-28 - Also present: 'New Ventures' (Winter 1967). In Braille. Outsize.


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This refers to the arrangement of the papers in Robert Graves’ study before they were transferred to the College.

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