Heads of agreement concerning Swansea and District Light Railway

Scope and Content

Ref No: 165.1/18

1. Swansea Corporation (Richard Martin, Chairman of the Tramways Committee; Alexander Sinclair, vice-chairman; Aldermen William Evans and Howel Watkins and Council Morgan Tutton, being a committee appointed by the corporation to agree clauses; John Thomas, town clerk and John Edward Waller, consulting engineer)

2. The Swansea Improvements and Tramways Company by Emile Garcke on their behalf

- 2. will withdraw its opposition to the application of 1. for Light Railways Order.

- 1. will not, without the consent of 2., construct specified portions of the Light Railway

- 1. shall apply to the commissioners for powers to extend No1 railway to make a junction with the Mumbles Railway in Oystermouth Road

- 1. will construct and electrically equip to the reasonable satisfaction of 2. the whole of the remaining lines authorised by the order, and 2 will accept a lease of the light railways