Records of Settle Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends

Scope and Content

Minutes of Monthly Meeting, 1666-1853, 1924-1971 (14 vols.) [H 1-8, SE 35-38]; rough minutes, 1809-1853 & 1964-1968 (3 vols.) [SE 1, H 9, SE 39]; Minutes of Women's Monthly Meeting, 1701-1845 (4 vols.) [SE 2-4, 6]; rough, 1823-1830 [SE 5]; Minutes of Meetings of Ministers and Elders, 1699-1814 (1 vol.) [D 3]; Records of sufferings, 1654-1792 (3 vols.) [D 9-11]; List of members, 1813-1817 (1 vol.) [D 2]; Register and certificates of removals, 1924-1968 (6 vols.) [SE 41, 81-85]; Certificates of disownment and letters of discipline, 1732-1799 [SE 8]; Letters of contrition etc., 1733-1805 [SE 9]; Certificates and minutes of liberation for travelling ministers, 1711-1802 (1 bundle & 1 item) [SE 7; H 21]; Registers of births and burials, 1759-1775 & 1925-1959 (2 vols.) [D 6 & SE 40]; Birth and burial notes, 1837-1853 (1 vol.) [SE 10]; Burial notes, 1840-1863 & 1925-1954 (2 vols.) [SE 11]; Registers of marriages, 1839-1870 & 1924-1990 (4 vols.) [D 12.1-12.4]; Index of marriages, 1655-1852, compiled 1989 [D 12.0]; Account book, 1830-1854 (1 vol.) [LL 4]; Abstract books, 1687-1904 & 1712-1872 (2 vols.) [U 18 & 23]; Inventory of property, 1817-[1819] [U 16B/2]; Charity Commission documents [also covering Brighouse MM], 1923-1930 (1 bundle) [F 68]; Plans of lands for the use of the poor, 1816 [U 25]; Epistles, advices, minutes etc. received: From Yearly and Quarterly Meetings, 1768-1853 (3 vols.) [D 1, 4-5]; Transcripts of letters of William Ellis, 1691-1709 [U 19]; Papers, 1772-1849 & 17th-20th centuries (2 bundles) [D 8 & SE 51]

Administrative / Biographical History

This Monthly Meeting dates from 1665, when it covered a large swathe of the West Riding to the north west of Bradford and Leeds, and was known as Skipton Monthly Meeting. It was renamed Settle in 1669, after losing about half of its geographical area (including Skipton) to the newly formed Knaresborough Monthly Meeting to the east. At this point, its constituent Preparative Meetings were Bentham (c.1652-1853, 1924-); Broughton (later Salterforth, then Lothersdale, then Salterforth again) (c.1653-1853, 1924-1961); Newton-in-Bowland (c.1653-1855, 1943-1948); Scalehouse (later Airton) (c.1652-1853, 1943-1948); Scarhouse (later Starbotton, then Langstrothdale) (1669-1785); and Settle (c.1652-1853, 1924-). During the 18th century Meetings were also settled in Monibent (no dates) and Selside (c.1700-1728). By the early 19th century, the pattern of small, geographically dispersed Meetings brought the viability of the Monthly Meeting into question. It was proposed in 1814 to transfer the Monthly Meeting to Westmorland Quarterly Meeting, but the latter disagreed, and it was not until 1853 that the decision to incorporate both Settle and Knaresborough into Brighouse Monthly Meeting was implemented. After a period of seventy years, Settle Monthly Meeting was re-formed, comprising the five north westerly Meetings within Brighouse, namely Bentham, Keighley, Salterforth, Settle and Skipton. By the end of 1924, it had 162 members, the smallest of the Yorkshire Monthly Meetings. Two relatively short-lived Allowed Meetings were formed in the early 20th century, Cowling (1925-1942) and Linton (1945-1947).


The records are numbered and arranged according to the system used when they were in Carlton Hill Meeting House

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The conditions of deposit include a clause requiring written prior permission from a Friend Custodian for access to consult current legal documents and any material less than fifty years old

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The collection of archives of the Society of Friends formerly held at the Friends Meeting House at Carlton Hill, Leeds


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Contents listed in Handlist 99, Inventory of the records of Brighouse, Knaresborough, Leeds, and Settle Monthly Meetings of the Society of Friends formerly preserved at the Friends Meeting House, Carlton Hill, Leeds, 2nd edition, 1997. Documents H 2-8 and SE 37 have been indexed in the Library's Quaker Archives database

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As with access, the photocopying of current legal documents and any material less than fifty years old requires the permission of a Friend Custodian

Related Material

Related material in Leeds University Library: Records of Airton, Bentham, Newton-in-Bowland, Keighley, Salterforth, Selside, Settle and Skipton Preparative Meetings, and Yorkshire Quarterly Meeting

Additional Information

The records are deposited and remain the property of the Society of Friends