Constables and overseers

Scope and Content

The retiring high constable presented the names of three fit persons residing in the same hundred to succeed him as high constable, and the justices for the appropriate hundred could recommend to quarter sessions which of the three perons should fill the office. These returns were submitted in October of a particular year and the man who was reconmcuded was to serve in the office for the ensuing year. A mark was usually placed against his name on the list.

Under 5 and 6 Vict., c.109 (1842) overseers of the poor were to make out lists of persons qualified to serve as parish constables, with their places of abode and occupations. The overseers were to return the lists to the justices for the appropriate division, and the justices at a special sessions chose as many parish constables from the names on the list as they deemed necessary. Marks were placed against the names of those who were appointed. Lists of those appointed were then sent by the justices' clerks to the clerk of the peace.