Lloyd's Register List of Surveyors

Scope and Content

Lists were published within the opening pages of the annually produced Register of Ships from 1834 until 1972 as the 'List of Surveyors'. Prior to 1834, little information has been retained on surveyors. From 1872 onwards, the lists were published separately as 'Lists of Offices' until 1995.

The list comprises all officers or surveyors employed by Lloyd's Register, both exclusive and non-exclusive. The list is arranged alphabetically by survey office and/or geographical district of operation, with names of surveyors provided alongside their area of specialism, e.g. ship surveyor, engineer surveyor etc.

The growing list of offices and surveyors over time displays the rapid growth of Lloyd's Register in response to the increasing demand for its classification services. The period of the lists covers a variety of key technological transitions, e.g. sail to steam, steam to diesel, wood to iron, and iron to steel etc. In response to these technological advances in shipping and heavy industry, the changing qualifications and areas of expertise of Lloyd's Register's surveyors are visible within the published lists. These include areas such as inspectors of forgings, electrical engineers, refrigeration engineers and aircraft surveyors.

Changes to staff and offices, e.g. closures or incorporation of other regions, were updated annually. Where changes to the above occurred after publication of a subsequent edition, entries have been visibly struck through and stamped to display the correct details.


Item are listed chronologically. Lists are arranged alphabetically by survey office/region, and exclusive and non-exclusive surveyors listed separately.

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For copies of the Register of Ships published after the year 2000, access can only be in-person.

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Online site access to digitised lists of surveyors and officers.
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