Estate records

Scope and Content

In this class are grouped all papers referring to the acquisition and running of the estate and its concomitants, as distinct from the evidences of title to be found in the class Deeds. It is arranged in three main groups:-

EG Records concerning the whole or large part of the estates at any period (i.e. general rentals, surveys and accounts).

E Followed by a number; records concerning particular estates, i.e.:-

E1 Barwick, Scholes, Lasingcroft, Barnbow, Stanks, Whinmoor in Seacroft, Morwick, Hill, Potterton.

E2 Aberford, Parlington, Lotherton, Hillom.

E3 Sherburn in Elmet and townships, Huddleston.

E4 Saxton.

E5 Barrowby, Garforth.

E6 Bramham, Clifford, Biggin.

E7 Sturton.

E9 Hungate estates.

E10 Middleton estates.

E11 Woodrowe estates.

E12 Other estates administered temporarily by the Gascoignes as executors, trustees.

EZ Miscellaneous estate records; bonds, bills and vouchers, etc.

Estate surveys and valuations c1710-1954, rentals and accounts 1629-1970, wage and salary books 1945-1966, cropping books 1814-1956 and sale catalogues 1896-1969; with similar records for estates at Barwick in Elmet and Scholes 1425-1835 including records re the purchase of the manor of Barwick by Sir John Gascoigne 1628-1629, Aberford and Parlington (includes Lotherton) 1341-1923 with papers re Aberford Almshouses 1845-1873 and Lotherton Estate game books 1895-1926, Sherburn c1480-1885, Saxton 1700-1852 including Saxton with Scarthingwell enclosure award and plan 1849, Garforth 1863-1870, Bramham and Clifford c1630-1869.