Craignish Estate Files

Scope and Content


Telephone installed at Craignish in 1936

Various letters about hiring and firing employees.

Letters from HC Curteis, factor, regarding maintenance claimed against income tax.

Attempts to let Craignish during the summer 1939, and applications from prospective tenants

15 Oct 1941 Requisition notice for Craignish Castle. The evacuees were to be 'working class children', and therefore most of the furniture was to be stored in one or two rooms - the1st floor sitting room and two smaller sitting rooms and two main bedrooms.

20 Nov 1941 42 children and a staff of 6 or 7, they will be taught in the house - they won't go to the local school. The kitchen garden and the MacKenzie garden will be out of bounds, but the old tennis court will be a designated play area.

19 Mar 1942 Correspondence about using Craignish as an evacuation school and hostel for children from Glasgow, and terminating Mrs Gascoigne's tenancy of the estate.