Marriage Settlement

Scope and Content

1. James George Skelton Anderson of 28 Buckland Crescent, Belsize Park, Hampstead, co.Middx., esq.

2. Elizabeth Garrett of 20 Upper Berkeley Street, co. Middx, MD, spinster.

3. Newson Nunnell Garrett of Snape, co. Suffolk, captain in Royal Artillery. Alexander Gavin Anderson of 1 Billiter Court, City of London, esq. Edmund Garrett of Mile End Road, co. Middx. brewer. George Grey Anderson of 32 Great St. Helens, City of London, esq. (trustees).

MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT of 1 and 2 appointing 3 as trustees. Concerns four Life Assurance Policies taken out by 1 (described in Schedule attached). Policies are assigned to 3 - defines how dividends should be invested. Income from these investments to go to 2 if he survives 1 for her life (and not for the use of any subsequent). After the death of 1 and 2 moneys to go equally to male and female children. Defines how money should be invested if no immediate heirs and appointment of new trustees Endorsed with witnesses to parties signing. Seals, applied

Stamped 'BRA 2203' and stamp of 'North British & Mercantile Insurance Company' 23 Apr 1907

Letter attached from 1 and 2 to 'Sam' [S Garrett] dated 18 May 1907, Aldeburgh, co. Suffolk, concerning investment of £6,000 marriage settlement money in London County Council Stock and Canadian Inscribed Stock