Photographic material relating to a garden designed by Russell Page at La Mortella, Ischia, Italy

Scope and Content

Colour photographs and black and white contact prints and negatives showing views of garden with flower borders, water features, fountain and ornamental rocks, paths and steps. Contact prints include exterior view of house

No photographs are annotated on the reverse or marked up for publication

Photographs measure 8.8 x 13 cm

Undated [?late 1960s; Page started work at La Mortella in 1964]

Original storage envelope labelled ‘La Mortella, Ischia’ (label retained)


22 colour photographs

2 black and white contact sheets (12 images per sheet)

6 strips 2¼ black and white negatives (4 images per strip)

1 negatives envelope

PAG/2/2/2 was found together with PAG/2/2/4, PAG/2/3/1, PAG/2/3/9 and PAG/2/3/16 in an envelope labelled ‘Proposed exhibition in Rome of Italian gardens designed by Russell Page early spring 1998. La Mortella, Villa Silvio Pellico, Agnelli Valley’