Photographic material relating to gardens designed by Russell Page at Villa Plein Ciel, France, Kiluna Park (also known as Kiluna Farm), United States of America, and Castel Mougins, Majorca, Spain

Scope and Content

Colour photographs and negatives showing views of garden with flower borders, paths, lawns, retaining walls, water features and fountain, potted plants, garden ornaments, a maze, swimming pool, front driveway, unidentified individuals working in the garden, an unidentified woman in the garden, and exterior views of house and countryside beyond

Some photographs are annotated on the reverse ‘PC’, ‘PC?’, ‘Kiluna Park’, ‘Majorca’, ‘King Leopold’ and ‘Castel Mougins’

Photographs have date of production printed on the reverse: Sep 1968, Aug 1969, Sep 1969

No photographs are marked up for publication

Photographs measure approximately 8.8 x 9.0 cm

Kodak envelope (retained) containing all photographs and negatives annotated ‘Aug Sep 1969. Manoir[?] M.[?] Clausonny[?]. Plein Ciel. Turin’

No outer storage envelope


38 colour photographs

6 strips 1¼ colour negatives (4 images per strip)

6 negatives envelopes

1 Kodak envelope