Photographic material relating to a garden designed by Russell Page at Villa Plein Ciel near Cannes, France

Scope and Content

Black and white photographs, negatives and contact prints, and colour transparencies, showing views of garden with parterre, wisteria, aganpanthus and olive trees, ornamental features, planted pots, external views of the villa and views beyond to the coast; unidentified individuals and small groups appear in contact prints

Some photographs are annotated on the reverse ‘Russell Page’, ‘Villa Plein Ciel’, ‘May 54’ and ‘July 54’. One contact sheet is annotated ‘Villa Soleil, Plein Ciel, 54’. Negatives envelopes are annotated ‘Page’, ‘Bleneau’, ‘Mivoisin’, ‘Plein Ciel’ and ‘La Leopolda + Plein Ciel’

Some photographs are marked up on the reverse for publication including in ‘The Education of a Gardener’, 1962 edition

Some photographs are duplicates

Size of photographs ranges from 14.7 x 15.0 cm to 19.6 x 20.1 cm

Some images are undated

Original storage envelope labelled ‘Villa Plein Ciel, near Cannes, 1954. See The Education of a Gardener. First published in 1962 by William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. The pine tree and the olive tree illustrations (mentioned in relation to Cannes) are not included in the Harvill Press 1994 edition’ (label retained)


34 black and white photographs

4 black and white contact sheets (12 images on 3 sheets, 8 images on 1 sheet)

10 strips 2¼ black and white negatives (4 images on 7 strips, 3 images on 2 strips, 1 image on 1 strip)

1 strip 2¼ colour transparencies (4 images)

3 negatives envelopes