Photographic material relating to a garden designed by Russell Page at St. Jacques and La Petite Maison Prouvost, Grasse, France

Scope and Content

Black and white photographs, contact prints and negatives showing views of garden with agapanthus, ponds, swimming pool, planted pots, fountains and cascade, exterior of house and views to the countryside beyond. Contact sheets include images of unidentified individuals in the garden

One photograph is annotated ‘House near Grasse. Excavation behind house used for small swimming pool. On lower level, between it and north shady loggia behind house is long pool heavily planted with water lilies, lotus, cyperus, Thalia dealbata, at water’s edge agapanthus, hedychinums, cannas and foliage plants. Photo taken before completion’. Other photographs are annotated on the reverse ‘St Jacques. June ’54. Russell Page’, ‘July ’54’ and ‘Piscines 1960’

Two negatives envelopes are annotated ‘St Jacques. W. Couloubrier[?]’ and ‘St Jacques Prouvost’

Two photographs are marked up on the reverse for publication including in ‘Collins reprint hardback 1983’

Some photographs are duplicates

Size of photographs ranges from 14.6 x 14.7 cm to 20.0 x 20.3 cm

Some images are undated

Original storage envelope labelled ‘St Jacques, Grasse, south of France 1954 + La Petite Maison Prouvost (the son’s house)’ (label retained)


48 black and white photographs

5 black and white contact sheets (12 images on 4 sheets, 7 images on 1 sheet)

15 strips 2¼ black and white negatives (4 images on 13 strips, 3 images on 1 strip, 1 image on 1 strip)

4 negatives envelopes