Label of envelope previously containing photographic material relating to the exhibition at the American Academy, Rome, Italy

Scope and Content

The exhibition in Rome was of Italian gardens designed by Russell Page, including La Mortella, Ischia, Italy, Villa Silvio Pellico, Turin, Italy, and Agnelli Valley Gardens, Italy

Envelope label reads ‘Proposed exhibition in Rome of Italian gardens designed by Russell Page early spring 1998. La Mortella, Villa Silvio Pellico, Agnelli Valley. 5 sheets of slides:

2 sheets San Liberato (-1), 2 sheets La Mortella, 1 sheet Agnelli garden + Villa Silvio Pellico (2)’

The contents of the envelope were re-positioned in the Page photographic archive during cataloguing in Feb 2015, references PAG/2/2/2, PAG/2/2/4, PAG/2/3/1, PAG/2/3/9 and PAG/2/3/16