Photographic material relating to the Floralies Internationales de Paris exhibition, Palais de la Defense, Paris, France

Scope and Content

Black and white photograph of Russell Page standing in the middle of an indoor floral display [at the Floralies Internationales de Paris exhibition, Paris, 1959], stamped on the reverse ‘The British Travel and Holiday Association Photographic Unit, London’. Dimensions 24.6 (h) x 19.5 (w) cm

Black and white contact prints, stamped on the reverse 23 Jun 1959, Alan Vines, London, and stored in an envelope annotated ‘Floralies contact strip 1959’ (label retained)


1 black and white photograph

1 black and white contact sheet (4 images)

Items reference PAG/3/7, PAG/4/4, PAG/4/8 and PAG/5/6 were originally stored together, and separated during cataloguing in Feb 2015