Mounted colour transparencies of various gardens designed by Russell Page including Kiluna Park (also known as Kiluna Farm), United States of America, San Liberato, Bracciano, Italy, Sa Torre Cega, Majorca, Spain, and other properties

Scope and Content

Mounted 35mm colour transparencies showing views of gardens with flower beds, water features, paths, garden ornaments, lawns, steps, arches, topiary and external views of houses

Slide mounts are annotated ‘S.L.’, ‘Page’, ‘Faure’, ‘Rossi?’, ‘Badminton’, ‘M. Masurel’, ‘M. Masurel?’, ‘March. Majorca’, ‘Geneva’, ‘Walton. Ischia’, ‘Schloss Freudenberg?’, ‘Kiluna’, ‘K’, ‘Coppings’ and ‘pool, garden and genista in flower’

Original slide box, discarded, annotated ‘San Liberota [sic], Kiluna 2. And various’

Some mounts are printed with date of production: Aug 1973, Aug 1977, Sep 1977, Nov 1977, Jun 1978, Jul 1978, Sep 1978, Nov 1978, May 1979, Jul 1981

Some images are undated

These transparencies were acquired in Nov 2014. They were originally stored in a plastic slide box, discarded


20 mounted 35mm colour transparencies